Pockie Pirates Helper is a program that automates some of the functionality for the web game Pockie Pirates distributed by Game321.

与功能 Little Piece (Gamefy)!
fungsi dengan OPKita!
функции с Piratestory!
con funciones Mundo de Piratas!
Latest Version
Windows (multiple instances) : Download
Mac OS X (single instance) : Download

This program requires Adobe Air to be installed. You can download it here : http://get.adobe.com/air/
For people getting "Sorry an error has occured... " when installing, see here
Expect bugs and use it at your own risk.
We cannot be held responsible for any problems cause by this program.
You cannot log in at the same time on Game321 page and on the program. If you do, you will get disconnected.

For any question or problems email us at support@pockiepirateshelper.com
User Guides
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Is this legal?
We have done our best to secure and prevent the detection of Pockie Pirates Helper. Game321 issued a statement in May 2013 that they were going to take action against bots, but until now nothing happened and no one got punished. We can safely assume that using Pockie Pirates Helper is has no consequences.
Is this safe?
Pockie Pirates Helper is absolutely safe to use, we do not transmit or save your password and we have no interest in doing so as we don't play the game ourselves (atleast not anymore). If you are familiar with HTTP requests, all our request done to our server are unencrypted so you can see what is being send. Besides, there are no confirmed cases of punishment against bot use.
Current Features (not complete):
  • Auto Sea Adventures
  • Auto Treasure map hunting (Sea God)
  • Auto upgrade Warship
  • Auto Develop crews
  • Auto Whitebeard
  • Auto Marineford
  • Auto Hunting Ground
  • Auto Sky Ladder
  • Auto Team Battle
  • Chat with other players (without notification spam)
  • Inspect other player crew to see their real stat and development
  • Claim previously unclaimed OPB rewards
  • Auto roll All Blue dice *
  • Auto Daily Task *
  • Auto Davy Back Fight *
  • Auto Dungeons *
  • Auto Elite chain attack *
  • Auto Fishing *
  • Auto Impel Down *
  • Auto Pet interaction/feeding *
  • Auto Trade/Plunder *
  • Auto Arena duel *
  • Auto Shichibukai challenge *
  • Auto Grand Line loops
  • Save and manage crew setups
  • Auto capture Workers *

* By "Auto" we mean that these features can be automated to run at a specific time, every day, 24/7. Meaning that you will never have to worry about these things anymore.

  • Facebook/Google account :
    You need to login with your facebook/google email as Passport ID and use the password that was given when you created the account. If you forgot your password, go here : http://passport.game321.com/?mod=passport&file=index&method=fetch_pwd .
    Put your facebook/google email, leave the security question blank and click request. You will be sent a new password that you can use to login without facebook/google.

  • Sea Adventures :
    It can get stuck on "You must wait 3 minutes" (it will appears multiple times). Close the program. Wait 3 minutes, resume adventure. If it stays without doing anything, restart again. It should work after that. If not, log in to the game (not on the program), and make a move inside the sea adventure, then log back in the program.